8:00 PM
Greg Baker
Jon Dunn
Juli Hermanson
Danielle King
Laura Young

Introductions and Welcome:
Kelly Dunn not present for the meeting.

Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes:
There was a motion to approve the meeting summary. The meeting summary was approved.

Subcommittee and Task Force Reports

Treasury / Budget:
Juli shared the annual budget, quoting the current balance to be around $6,000.
Juli is working on the annual invoices for HOA dues. These should be mailed out in the spring prior to the annual meeting.
Jon said he would like to redesign the invoice / statement in 2018.

Business Management:
Bylaws: Laura has drafted the bylaws and is looking for Board review and comments.
Annual meeting date needs to be decided on. Looking for a spring meeting where draft bylaws can be discussed.

Community Events and Outreach:
Danielle wants to focus on the park this year. She has been looking at various playgrounds in the area, and is hoping to update our Walnut View playground. She will move forward with researching this, but also wants to ensure the flooding situation from the past is resolved.
Greg stated he heard good things about the Christmas luminaries. This program will continue in 2017.