8:00 PM
Greg Baker
Jon Dunn
Juli Hermanson
Danielle King
Laura Young
Kelly Dunn

Introductions and Welcome:
All present for the meeting.

Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes:
There was a motion to approve the meeting summary. The meeting summary was approved.

Subcommittee and Task Force Reports

Treasury / Budget:
Juli has completed the annual budget and the invoices for annual dues. All are ready to be sent out.
Juli is working with Mission bank to waive the $8 service fee and has started an online account to better keep track of the budget for the HOA.

Business Management:
Bylaws: Laura has drafted the bylaws and sent to the committee for review. This bylaws will be shared at the annual meeting on June 25th, 2017, for review from full HOA. Included in the draft bylaws are:
HOA annual meeting directives. The Board thought this would be a good venue to vote on new rules and ensure the community is informed of neighborhood changes. Notices on these votes and meetings will be made available.

Community Events and Outreach:
Danielle has two events already outlined for the year:
A June 25th ice cream social following the annual meeting. The social will be held at Danielle’s home.
Annual fall neighborhood barbeque: meat provided by the HOA, with people bringing sides. The date is tentative right now. Danielle was looking at other events to include this year, such as a bounce house. More information to come as the date approaches.
Grants: Danielle continues to work with the city for grants to assist with Walnut View social events.

Secretarial Reports:
Email: There have been some emails coming in randomly to various board members. Kelly asked that all HOA emails be sent to her for response.
Kelly will resume work on the welcome packet for new HOA members.

Other Business:
Signage: The Walnut View brass signs were stolen in the past. It is costly to replace the brass signs. Jon worked with a sign company by the name of KC Custom Signs who he does marketing for to make plastic signs that look similar to the brass signs. These will be used as replacements for the signs that have been stolen, saving the HOA money in replacement fees.