Walnut View Homeowner’s Association
Meeting Minutes
June 6, 2016
8:00 PM
Greg Baker
Jon Dunn
Shelly Copple
Juli Hermanson
Danielle King
Laura Young
Kelly Dunn

Introductions and Welcome:
All present for the meeting.

Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes:
There was a motion to approve the meeting summary. The meeting summary was approved.

Subcommittee and Task Force Reports

Treasury / Budget:
The Board determined that two treasurers for contingency purposes would be the most effective. The treasures have the following action items to follow up on:
Insurance: Working with the Park Workgroup (see section (e)(1) below), the treasurers will determine the most cost effective insurance plan for our community park. Reviewing for this will be continued until complete.
Banking Services:
Due to increased fees, the treasurers are looking for other options. Julie contacted US Bank, which stated there are no fees for nonprofits, but a letter showing our HOA standing is necessary. Shelly and Julie will conduct further research.
For contingency purposes, three Board members will be added to the banking account: Julie, Shelly and Greg. This will allow them to make charges out of the HOA account as deemed necessary by the Board and / or community.
All receipts for financial purposes should be given to the treasurers. A running log will be kept on the website to keep all community members up-to-date on the budget.

Business Management:
The Business Management group will work with the city to resolve standing open items. Resolutions will be voted on by community as necessary. Action items listed below:
Bylaws: Laura pulled all rules and regulations from the 2011 “Kansas Uniform Common Interest Owners Bill of Rights” from the Kansas State Legislature. Some additional items in addition to the bylaws that will have to be completed is:
The HOA needs an annual meeting every year. The Board thought this would be a good venue to vote on new rules and ensure the community is informed of neighborhood changes. Notices on these votes and meetings will be made available.
Record keeping of all neighborhood documents will be organized and kept up through the secretary for the full length as stated in the statute.
Title issues: Laura did research the title issues and has concluded that the seller has the duty to inform new buyers or title companies of the HOA requirements.

Community Events and Outreach:
The social events planner and community outreach coordinator will plan for events throughout the year to help Walnut View neighbors get to know one another. Items discussed, along with action items are listed below:
Danielle came up with two events to kick things off:
A July 24th ice cream social beginning at 7pm. Details to be determined and distributed to community members.
A fall neighborhood barbeque: meat provided by the HOA, with people bringing sides. The date is tentative right now.
Grants: Danielle contacted the city and found that grants are available for social events. She will be applying for grants to assist with Walnut View social events.

Secretarial Reports:
Email: The neighborhood does have an email that would be useful for the community to know about to submit questions, concerns, or if they would like to be involved. The email is: walnutviewhoa@gmail.com. Currently no emails have been submitted, but the email directory has been updated.
Documentation: Based on the Kansas statute, records will be retained for the time necessary in accordance with the law.
Newsletter: The first newsletter will be distributed in July. These will also be added to the website. The Board thought this would be a great way to share information on new residents or happenings within the neighborhood.

Workgroup Reports:
Park Workgroup (Liaisons: Kelly, Juli, Jon): This workgroup would handle all aspects of the park and common areas, to include mowing contract, updates, etc.
It was identified that additional mulch (approximately 3-4 bags) was needed for the common areas on Outlook. The Board approved the purchase.
It was recommended that the common area near the entrance on Reeds has a lot of overgrown plant life. The Board voted to change the overgrown bushes and put in new plants. Date undecided.
The mowing contract is being reviewed to ensure the HOA is getting the best price for services. If changes in contracts are made, information will be available on the website.
Drainage – The park currently lacks appropriate drainage. There may be a French drain presently in place that’s clogged. The first action item will be to unclog that drain. Additionally, a quote will be sought out if additional drainage is necessary.
Signage – Jon will contact a signage company he knows for signage around the park such as a welcome sign and no weapons signage. Additionally, he will work with them on the missing Walnut View Neighborhood entrance signs. Shelly said to find out how much the brass ones cost as we do have insurance.
New swing – Juli has purchased a new swing for the park. The cost of the swing will be added to the ongoing budget log on the website.
Gas Lights Workgroup (Liaisons: Greg, Jon) – Greg though getting one solar light to test would be an effective way to see if the community would like to do away with the gas lights. The Board agreed and once purchased, the neighborhood will be notified to vote on the light.

Other Business:
Website: The website is done and ready to use! The site is: http://walnutviewhoa.com. For password protected items, community members will be asked to enter a password: WLWV.

Next Meeting: TBD, 8:00 PM; Location: TBD