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09-13-2008 Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Meeting
September 13, 2008

In attendance:  25 residents representing 14 households

The meeting was called to order by Jan Hudzicki, President.

Dan Smith, Treasurer, gave the financial report.  The increase in annual dues has yielded a positive balance that may be used for park or neighborhood entrance improvements.  Twenty-one residences have not paid annual dues.

Jeff McDermott, board member, reported on repairs to the park steps.  Jeff made repairs to the concrete steps that have improved the appearance and safety.  A protective sealant and overlay may still be applied, at minimal cost.

Discussion was held regarding other options for use of the extra income from dues, as the park steps no longer appear to be a priority.  After discussion, the following items were approved by residents for action:
Bushes at the entrance to the park will be removed by volunteers
The park slide that is unsafe for small children will be removed.  Charlie Fisher has a contact that may remove the slide for metal salvage.
Estimates will be sought for improvements to the entrances, including brick repair and replacing gas lights with fixtures that are less expensive to operate.
Council representatives will be contacted regarding drainage problems in the park and water flowing down the east side of Outlook.  The city engineer may be helpful in identifying solutions for both drainage and a “green” alternative to the gas lights.

Residents expressed concern about odor from the water treatment plant.  Johnson County Wastewater has encouraged residents to contact them directly if an odor is noticeable and they have been responsive in the past with addressing.  The contact name and number will be published in the next neighborhood newsletter.

Kathy Smith reported on a grant awarded to Walnut View by Mission Neighborhood Services.  Up to $500 may be spent on a web site and neighborhood social activities before the end of 2008.  A preliminary web site has been developed by an area high school student for our neighborhood.  Wanda Vaughn recruited the student.  Kyle King volunteered to further develop and maintain the web site.  The plan is to post the neighborhood directory (with resident permission), newsletters, photos of events, notices of items for sale and services offered by neighborhood residents (i.e. babysitting, pet sitting, lawn mowing, snow shoveling) on the site.  Paper newsletters will still be distributed for residents that do not have web access.  $50 will be paid to the student who developed the initial web site for us.  The site will be hosted at a location that is either free or at a low annual cost – depending upon the functions we want.  The web address will be included in the next newsletter.  A small portion of the grant funds will be used to cover the cost of the annual meeting food.  We will also have a neighborhood block party for Halloween on Saturday evening, October 25th.  Wendy McDermott, Vice President, has contacted the Mission Police, who will barricade 49th St. between Woodson and Outlook that evening and bring a police car by for neighborhood children to see.

Discussion followed regarding residents who are not paying annual dues.  Several present expressed that action should be taken, as it was not fair to those who pay dues each year.  It was decided that liens will be filed against homeowners that are more than a year behind on dues.  Residents will be encouraged to pay past due amounts or contact the treasurer to make payment arrangements.  Susan Loyacono, resident, agreed to assist in filing these liens.

Dan Smith gave a report on the neighborhood watch program and agreed to lead the effort.  An informational meeting was held in April.  Block captains are needed for identified neighborhood zones.  Block captains have the following responsibilities:
Initiate contact with all residents in their assigned areas.
Update directory information, including resident permission regarding posting information on web site.
Contact residents in their assigned area by phone if an alert is received from Mission Police.
Consider engaging volunteers to paint addresses on curbs for better visibility by emergency vehicles (funds may be available from Neighborhood Services to assist with this effort).
The following individuals have agreed to serve as block captains:
Phillip Hafler
Marty Kostelac
Chuck Cornelison
Bill Sifuentes
Phyllis Phillips

Nominations were opened for homes association board and officers.  The following individuals agreed to serve as officers for another year:  Jan Hudzicki (Pres.), Wendy McDermott (VP),
Dan Smith (Treas.).  Residents are encouraged to attend board meetings and contact board members for input.

Christmas Eve luminaries will be prepared and distributed at 2:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, December 20th from 4917 Woodson.  Luminaries should be placed at the end of your driveway and lit on Christmas Eve at 7:00 p.m.

Wendy and Jeff McDermott offered the hill behind their home (adjacent to the park) for snow sledding, as long as residents absolve them of liability.

Al Lemieux asked for prayers and support for a neighborhood couple who recently added a very premature baby to their family.

The meeting was adjourned by Jan Hudzicki, President.

05-09-2106 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes, May 9, 2016, 8:00 PM

Present: Greg Baker, Jon Dunn, Shelly Copple, Julie Hermanson, Danielle King, Laura Young, Kelly Dunn

1) Introductions and Welcome: As the inaugural meeting, the board conducted self-introductions.

2) Approval of Agenda and Meeting Minutes: No minutes were previously submitted; however, the agenda was approved by the Board.

3) Members Elect / Titles: The Board voted the following roles for its members. Community members can contact any board members by emailing:

  • President: Greg Baker
  • Vice President: Jon Dunn
  • Treasurer: Shelly Copple
  • Treasurer: Julie Hermanson
  • Secretary: Kelly Dunn
  • Business Management: Laura Young
  • Events Coordinator / Community Outreach: Danielle King

4) Subcommittee and Task Force Reports

a) Treasury / Budget:

The Board determined that two treasurers for contingency purposes would be the most effective. The

treasures have the following action items to follow up on:

  • i) Insurance: Working with the Park Workgroup (see section (f)(1) below), the treasurers will
  • ii) Banking Services: The fees have been increasing slightly; treasures will contact Mission
  • iii) Dues: All dues are due on June 1 st . Shelly will email a listing of due payments and home determine the most cost effective insurance plan for our community park.

Bank to determine if fees can be waived. Also, comparing fees with other banks to ensure funds are being used in the most cost-effective manner will be completed. Occupants to the secretary for documentation and filing. Additionally, some neighborhood members, upon moving in, were unaware of the HOA and dues associated with the community. Shelly and Laura (Business Management) will work with the city and title companies to determine how we can ensure the Walnut View HOA and associated dues are communicated with new buyers. Currently, some title company’s do contact Shelley and notify her of new residents, this should be a consistent practice.

b) Business Management:

The Board discussed historical items and issues that had not yet been resolved. The Business Management group will work with the city to resolve standing open items. Resolutions will be voted on by community as necessary. Action items listed below:

i) Bylaws: There are some old bylaws that expired in 2000. The Board discussed having new bylaws for the neighborhood – not for regulatory purposes, but to ensure items such as HOA dues and other necessities were clarified and documented. The Business Manager will contact Mission to determine the current city laws and find out what type of information is necessary for the city in regards to Walnut View bylaws.

ii) Title issues: As mentioned in (a)(3), the Business Manager will work with Shelly and contact the city to see if there is a way to inform the title companies of our HOA requirements.

c) Community Events and Outreach: At the recent neighborhood meeting, it was stated that Walnut View does not have many community events anymore. The Board determined that having a social even planner and community outreach coordinator would help remedy this issue and help Walnut View neighbors get to know one another. Items discussed, along with action items are listed below:

i) New Community Members: The Board discussed having some type of welcoming to new community members moving in. Including things like an events calendar, the list of the bylaws, and our quarterly newsletter will help engage new community members. Kelly will start working on the content, and the Board will collectively put together packets. This can also be a part of events planning workgroup listed in section (e)(3).

ii) The Board discussed many ideas for neighborhood events; to include, but not limited to: ice cream socials, BBQs, progressive parties, flags, luminaries, etc. Board members will send ideas to Danielle who will strategically schedule events throughout the year.

iii) Grants: Danielle will contact the city and determine what grants are available to Walnut

View for social events.

d) Secretarial Reports:

i) Email: The neighborhood does have an email that would be useful for the community to know about to submit questions, concerns, or if they would like to be involved. The email is: The secretary will check this regularly responding to all emails within two business days.

ii) Documentation: Shelly currently has a listing / phone directory with current residents and other documents produced for the HOA in years past. This documentation will be managed and organized by the secretary and accessible by the Board to ensure continuity.

iii) Quarterly Newsletter: This was once a great way to share with neighbors the “happenings” in Walnut View. This will be reinstated and be available online or via mail as needed. The Secretary will begin working on this.

e) Other Business:

i) The Board discussed some historic concerns and determined that additional workgroups should be formed to resolve any old or ongoing issues. Currently, these are the proposed workgroups and the Board liaison; however, recruiting community members to run the

ii) Website: The community all thought a website would be a good tool for Walnut View. This iii) Meeting Calendar: The Board determined that monthly meetings initially would be best until workgroups would be the most effective and efficient. The Board liaison will work to gain interest for their respective workgroups:

(1) Park Workgroup (Liaisons: Kelly, Julie, Jon): This workgroup would handle all aspects

of the park, to include mowing contract, updates, etc. The Board discussed some of the

issues the park workgroup may need to handle once formed. They include:

(a) Drainage – The park currently lacks appropriate drainage

(b) Signage – It would be welcoming to know that it’s the community park. Additionally,

a no weapons sign should be added for the park area.

(c) New swing – The current child’s swing is broken. The Board has decided to buy a

new swing. Julie will find a durable swing for purchase; all costs will be listed on the

budget expenditures.

(d) Epoxy Resealing on basketball court – This should be done every 2 years, but it has

been 4 since its last resealing. One quote has already been received; Shelly will bring

this quote to the next meeting. Kelly will work to get additional quotes.

(2) Gas Lights Workgroup (Liaisons: Greg, Jon) – David has done a great job with the gas

lights. Jon and Greg will work with David to ensure that light options are reviewed and

the appropriate option for Walnut View is chosen.

(3) Events Planning Workgroup (Liaison: Danielle) – As listed above in section (c), this

workgroup will focus on event planning. This may include coming up with event ideas,

set up and tear down for events, and finding cost effective ways to have community

events throughout the year.

will be an easy place to get information, communicate with the community and save money

on postage, ink and printing supplies. The website cost is $145 for three years as an initial

period, and $7.99 per month after that. The Board determined this was a cost effective

solution. Community members who do not have internet access can request mail delivery by

emailing: Jon has already started working on the website. It will

be live even as it is being built, and the community can email or send input! The site is: Jon is building the website, Board members will help with content

as needed.

historic issues and updated calendars are completed.

5) Next Meeting: Monday, June 6 th , 8:00 PM; Location: 4901 Outlook Road

Hello Walnut View!

Welcome to the new Walnut View HOA website! The building of this site will progress daily.

We had our first Walnut View HOA board meeting last night at our house with the new elected board members! My wife Kelly will be posting meeting minutes after each board meeting so everyone knows what is going on!

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